October 31, 2008

Angels & Demons Teaser Trailer #1

I like! I like! I thought they'd never show scenes like what they did with The Da Vinci Code before. Ohhh, now it's confirmed that Ewan McGregor will play Carlo Ventresca. Yayyy! Ayelet Zurer doesn't look bad as Vittoria either.

October 30, 2008

Like sands through the hourglass…

It just dawned on me today, Iisa Pa Lamang's writers are taking their inspiration from US Daytime Soaps! How else would you explain the absurd storylines and lame characterizations spawning a fan favorite villain? The (apparently) never-ending love triangle between Miguel/Catherine/Raphael is typical of these daytime soaps that have been running for years. Campy, I know. But viewers love heightened reality.

If I didn't know better, I'd say the four lead characters were patterned after Ridge, Brooke, Nick and Taylor of The Bold and the Beautiful... with slight tweaking to suit the Filipino taste. Then again, that's just me and my absurd conspiracy theories.

October 29, 2008

Profiling at its best

I would like to thank my CTV angels for bringing me Criminal Minds earlier this week. That said, can I just say I totally enjoyed Catching Out? This definitely goes to my top episodes for the season. The unsub was pretty hard to recognize but once they pieced together a profile (Vortex Guy!) it was all a matter of time before he got caught. Emily speaking Spanish was cute though. That lady is talented! She's my new role model.

Big surprise when Morgan didn't get to save the day for a change. Good judgment on the writers' part. It was getting annoying how he turns up as the alpha male in every operation. Let Rossi, Reid and Hotch have their chance, man!

October 27, 2008

262 days to go…

Just when you thought no updates were coming, here comes another trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. I, for one, am pleased with Ginny's presence in it. It's about time she gets some decent exposure in the films. Only after watching OotP last night did I realize she barely said a word in it! The facial expressions were spot on, but I would've appreciated more dialogue to go with it.

And I chose not to make a big deal out of the last scene because I see it from the view point of someone watching two bestfriends banter. Nothing sexual about it, people! Get over it.

October 24, 2008

I nitpick for fun

Who knew there was actually a Center Stage 2? I loved the original movie and I don't think this can ever compare to it. 


What's with Cathy Garcia-Molina and her fascination with wigs? In all but one of the movies she's done for Star Cinema, the lead girl is always seen sporting one. Does a wig or someone who wore one figure prominently in her past that she's decided to make it a running theme in her flicks? Wala lang, just an observation.


When will they ever air the third season of Criminal Minds? Studio 23 already had the second season finale last week and now they're doing re-runs of the first season for the nth time. Darn! They should be on FUSE too.

October 23, 2008

For the love of Chandler Bing...

DISCLAIMER: I am not a fan of Zac Efron. The primary reason why we're so interested in this flick is because of Matthew Perry. But you have to admit, ZEfron's not that bad either. I can totally tolerate seeing him on-screen without Vanessa Hudgens in close proximity.

But really, have you ever wondered what it feels like to be... seventeen again?

October 22, 2008

Desperate Housewives 5.04: BACK IN BUSINESS

For someone who can't stand Teri Hatcher, Susan was suprisingly less irritating in this episode. I loved her scenes with Mike and MJ (perhaps it's for the best that they stay divorced). Oh, and Jackson acts more like her oldest kid rather than a boyfriend.

I ♥ Juanita! I look forward to this little girl's antics each week.

One thing I'm not buying is Dave going after Mike. It's too convenient. Please, must the bad guys always be after Mr. Delfino?

October 21, 2008

Hey, it’s Ryan!

When I got home from work, my sister suprised me with the news that Ryan Lafferty (Walker) had been cast. Comments? Violent reactions? He actually reminds me of Matthew Gray Gubler. To be honest I was already sold on the Scott Porter idea that I feel for Michael Ausiello right now.


Oh, and speaking of Brothers & Sisters, looks like they're finally addressing the long-forgotten paternity of the twins. From Watch w/ Kristin...

Hilary in Portland, Ore.: What's coming up on Brothers & Sisters?
A Walker is dying! Dying—not dead—so don't start paying your condolences just yet. There's a liver failing, and a transplant needed, but the donated organ has to come from daddy. And naturally, this will be a Walker feller who didn't know he was a daddy. Who could it be? Your guesses go right down there in the comments.

My money's on Kevin. Just please don't let this turn out as another Three Dads, One Mom type of storyline. 

October 18, 2008

What’s up in TV Land?

While watching Criminal Minds last night, my sister and I were discussing what exactly is Emily Prentiss' backstory? Viewers know nothing more about her other than being a diplomat's daughter, someone who's fluent in several languages and one who was too eager to rise up to the ranks of the FBI but abandoned those thoughts in favor of her team. Then an idea suddenly hit me and I realized... what if she and Hotch shared more things in common than what viewers thought? This is not my shippy mind working, but I do feel that more or less she went through the same things that Hotch did before. She's like the female version of him, only less stiff and less workaholic.


It's so weird seeing Daniel LaRusso Ralph Macchio all-grown up. Sadly, I am stuck in a time-warp where he'll always be the baby-faced Karate Kid for me. Be sure to catch him on Ugly Betty this season!


Smallville's getting pretty interesting too thanks to those Clark/Lois moments at The Daily Planet. Now they're far off from couplehood yet but their banters are all that's important. Too bad Lana's returning for a couple of episodes.


On local TV, things at Survivor Philippines are starting to heat up now that the merge is fast approaching. Tsk, tsk... bad move, Jarakay. Now it's pretty much given that Naak will enter the merge having the majority. Kakainin kayo ng buhay. Haha!
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