January 30, 2009

Hotch/Prentiss, anyone?

From TV Guide:

Criminal Minds' Hotch and Prentiss have had some great scenes together this season. Is there any chance (fingers crossed) that they will become a couple?Holly

MATT: A couple, no — but a source tells me you will see how much they care for each other as team members. That moment comes during a February March sweeps episode, when Hotch sticks his neck out for Prentiss on a case that is very personal to her. In that same hour, you'll also get new insight into Prentiss' romantic past, including mistakes she made as a teen.

Cool! Just the kind of spoiler to brighten up my day. Prentiss is by far my favorite character on CM and Hotch comes a close second. Although admittedly I'm a closet 'shipper of the two, any episode with them working closely together as professionals is something to look forward to.

Is it travesty that I completely missed Criminal Minds for two weeks now? Looks like someone's too caught up with Boys Over Flowers.

January 28, 2009

Boys Over Flowers: Song Woo-bin

Thank goodness they actually gave Woo-bin more lines this week! I was beginning to think they were treating him as the next door neighbor. Seriously, this guy gets the least amount of appreciation among the F4. But props to Kim Joon for getting favorable reviews with whatever appearance his character has in each episode. Now that I've reviewed my Hana Yori Dango Live DVDs, I have this whole new appreciation for the character of Mimasaka Akira whom I've regretfully ignored in Meteor Garden.

Here's some of my favorite Woo-bin scenes from Episode 7.

Just a quick rant...

Spending too much time at Soompi can be quite addicting. I'm actually worse when I get attached to certain drama because I check the thread almost every hour. Who knew that Boys Over Flowers can bring about lengthy discussions from people? Well, except for those who continue to gripe about certain actors not being right for the role. It seems that you can never please anybody no matter how hard you try.

Don't get me started on the whole Yi-jeung/Ga-eul love connection theory as it's not on my good graces so far.

But the good news is, BOF episodes this week made history as they finally toppled East of Eden from their slot. Yayyy!

January 23, 2009

TV Show: Fringe

It's always a good thing when shows are on hiatus because I get to discover new ones that I've ignored during the start of the fall season. Take Fringe, for example. Boy am I glad to see Joshua Jackson again on primetime! It's a good thing I was never an X-Files fan or I would've expected much from this series just reading its premise. The lead characters are quite an interesting bunch that even Anna Torv's Olivia isn't as irritating and angsty as I thought she would be. Hopefully I'll get to do a quick catch-up marathon on episodes that I've missed.

January 22, 2009

Spread the Woo-bin love!

My sister says I'm suffering a case of F4 relapse. Why? Because the last time she actually saw me obsessing over an Asian drama was during the height of Meteor Garden's popularity. Now I've resorted to reviewing my Hana Yori Dango Live DVDs just for the sake of reminiscing. Oh well, the story never gets old.

But since I can't stop talking about Boys Over Flowers, let me just tell you one gripe I've had so far about the series.

Can they please give Woo-bin more lines?!?

The guy is getting the movie!Ginny Weasley treatment for the series. Just because he's the only F4 member with no major romantic interests doesn't mean he has to get the short end of the stick in terms of character development. He's made the character really likeable whereas I couldn't care about him in Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango Live.

But to his credit, with the little amount of dialogue he's given in each episode, he manages to make the most out of it. I especially loved this last scene from Episode 6 between Woo-bin and Jun-pyo where he tries to reason out with his friend regarding kicking Ji-hoo out from the F4. He argued his friend's case without it sounding like he was taking sides. It's sad that Yi Jeung gets to take all the credit for dressing down Ji-hoo on the consequences of his actions whereas Woo-bin was also doing his part in saving what little is left of the F4.

January 10, 2009

Happy New Year... and yes, another BOF post

Happy New Year, everyone!

I actually promised myself to be more active in blogging but I never do well with resolutions. Haha! Well, I'm off to a fresh start this year. There are a lot of new shows to look forward to and first off would be the Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango. Boys Over Flowers premiered last January 5 to a lot of eager fans. True to her word, my sister downloaded the first two episodes and we just can't get enough of it.

Here's my quick assesment of the first two episodes:

Lee Min Ho is Gu Jun Pyo
Lee Min Ho is by far the most charismatic Tsukasa they've casted in the adaptations. Here, Joon Pyo acts all tough and authoritarian in the eyes of the students in Shinhwa High. But when with the F3 and his household staff, his bratty and childlike nature emerges. Who could ever forget that scene of the bee chasing him around the room? I've been saying this since promotional photos were released but he really reminds me of Jerry Yan circa-Meteor Garden days.

I also do not get it why people have been complaining about Kim Hyun Joong's acting. His interpretation of the character Ji Hoo is just how I've envisioned Rui (channeling the Keanu Reeves school of acting) eversince.

Now I know everyone's fawning over Kim Bum and wishing he was cast as Ji Hoo instead but I'm beginning to love his dynamics with Kim Joon. Yi Jung and Woo Bin are my bromance for this drama. Joke! But really, their efforts to knock some sense into Joon Pyo should be commended especially since Ji Hoo is just too deadpan to do anything.

My assessment of the ladies will follow in my next post. For now, I am eagerly anticipating Episodes 3 and 4 next week. Yayyy!
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