August 30, 2010

Look who’s now on Twitter…


It’s the classy one himself, Xabi Alonso. :) The account’s pretty legit since both Alvaro Arbeloa and Sergio Ramos are following him. The guy needs to tweet more though. A twitpic perhaps? I’m sure his followers (me included) would love that.

August 27, 2010

A major, major overdue update…

My eye has healed completely. Thank god. I thought I’d forever sport a swollen eye to work. :) So how have I been over the past few days? Pretty great. I love all the things I’m learning at training and I cannot wait until I go live. The pressure hasn’t sunk in yet. But the challenge is there to prove myself worthy of the position. I’m just thankful to be part of a solid support group. I have an awesome mentor and super-supportive teammates.

In my hiatus from the blogging world, it seems that a lot has happened. There’s the unfortunate hostage drama with the Hongkong tourists which was terribly heartbreaking. I know it’s pointless to compare. But haven’t they learned anything from the countless procedural dramas over the years? Someone needs to be subjected to marathon of Criminal Minds. I can only hope international relations between Hongkong and the Philippines will mend in time.

And who can forget the infamous “Major, major” eh? Venus Raj may have placed 4th in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant but she made the most impact with her Q&A blunder. Heck, she even made it to Yahoo! It was like Charlene’s “high tide or low tide?” all over again. You gotta love beauty pageants for giving you a goldmine of quotable quotes when it comes to the question and answer portion.


August 18, 2010

No, it’s not sore eyes…

I have Blepharitis. Iccck! I'd rather not expound on what it is because it would just gross you out. You can google it if you want to. It pisses me off though because... why now? Why couldn't this have manifested itself while I was still an RTA? Why now when I am in my first week of training for my new position? I hate being sick. I hate being held back on important things I need to accomplish immediately. Not to mention the dent it would cost my pockets for the antibiotics that were prescribed to me by the company doctor. But it looks like I have no choice. The meds have to be taken diligently otherwise I’d be left with a swollen right eye.

August 12, 2010

Because I miss Xabier…

I have to thank the 2010 World Cup for introducing me to the “classy” one that is Xabi Alonso. Before it, the only person that kept me interested in association football was Kaka which meant that by default I had to support team Brazil. Here lies the problem. I barely knew half of the team.

Things started to change when I watched La Furia Roja play their first game against Switzerland. I loved the way the commentator said Xabi Alonso’s name and I decided to google the guy afterwards. Who cares if he’s married? ;) I had found the team to root for in this tournament. The good thing was, I fell in love not just with the guy but with the whole team. Within days I familiarized myself with the other Spain NT players. I rooted for all of their WC games. (I still maintain they were underdogs against Germany) To top it off, I even screamed and jumped like a freakin’ lunatic at the office pantry after they were crowned World Cup champions.

August 10, 2010

Why no love for the Hong sisters?


Seriously… with the exception of My Girl and My Sassy Girl Chun-hyang, it seems that Pinoys have no love for the rom-com works of the Hong sisters. Why place them on afternoon timeslots when most people are either at work or in school? He’s Beautiful (a.k.a. You’re Beautiful) deserves a primetime audience. Never mind if the plot is quite superficial. The guys alone are eye-candy enough. I hate seeing it suffer the same fate that befell Fantasy Couple, a drama which happens to be one of my favorites. You gotta show the sisters some respect! They’re my writing gods after all. But like all writers, there’s a pattern in their works. Probably in a separate post I shall discuss more about “You know you’re watching a Hong sisters’ drama when…” ;)

August 9, 2010

Soon-to-be royal girlfriend?

Oh the news you get from the Daily Mail. :) My sister loves that site for all the latest international “chismis” she can get. One interesting bit was the news that Spanish/Filipino model Alexandra Escat was snapped together with the Duke of York recently. Now who exactly is Alex Escat? I only remember her as one of KC Concepcion’s closest friends. But I guess the article can speak for her profile and credentials, huh?

August 2, 2010

Camelot lives on…

Thank goodness for Sky Digital, there's a huge chance I will actually get to see the eight-part mini-series "The Kennedys" on cable TV next year. I'm excited because I have always been fascinated with the family's history eversince I read the The Kennedy Women and watched The Women of Camelot. They're like the Aquinos, only less controversial. (*cough*Kris Aquino*cough) Katie Holmes is playing Jacqueline Kennedy but I am far more intrigued with Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper who are playing JFK and Robert F. Kennedy respectively.

Speaking of The Kennedys, I am still waiting for a paperback version of this book (not that it’ll ever arrive on Philippine shores) for my reading. Fully Booked and NBS only have this on hardbound copy! :( Birthday wishlist? Hehe!

Other Asian, FTW!


Who rejoiced when they read this on their Twitter timeline? I did. Yayyy for Other Asian! Mike Chang deserves as much love as Santana and Brittany. It's about time Ryan Murphy realizes that. I am not jumping 'ship, however, after the revelation that the show would return with him dating Tina. Mike/Quinn remains to be my OTP in the series. Nevermind if it's AU. This is the GLEE universe after all. Anything can happen. :)

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