May 24, 2010

Pandanon… NOT!

This, is what I'll be missing out on Saturday. Loser, right?. Anyone would be foolish enough to refuse a beach outing with officemates. But sadly, with the current state we are in, others have to take one for the team. (Nyahaha!) Understaffing is seriously depriving me of a social life. Oh well... until TPTB lifts a finger to rescue us from the murky waters we're in, all I can do is dream of the sandy shores of Pandanon or any team outing destinations we might have in the future.
On a more personal note though and out of sheer boredom, I have decided to start blogging again. Perhaps it was out of fear that I could barely string words into sentences anymore. I needed to brush up on my writing skills and what better way to do that than chronicling one's kagagahans over fandoms, right?

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