August 30, 2011

Day 7: Blog-a-log for Nuffnang's Blog Day

In celebration of my birthday, allow me to share with you six fabulous blogs that I regularly visit whenever I go online. I worship the ground these bloggers walk on. Crafting a content for your site is never easy, much more coming up with something witty that will automatically catch your reader's attention.

A Koala’s Playground (

What's to love: Miss OC Koala rules the world of K-drama blogging. Her recaps are witty and very engaging, it's almost like you're watching the whole episode unfold before your very eyes. She also has mini-updates on your favorite Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese A-listers. How's that for versatility, huh? :)

Eat, Drink & Be Loved (

What's to love: The ultimate guide on where-to-eat if you're planning to visit Cebu. Mickie sets their food blog apart by including a photo of the menu from each restaurant they visit. Consider it your head start in knowing what to order when it's your turn to visit the establishment.


What's to love: All the updates about our favorite La Roja guys! Xabi? Sergio? Iker? Juanin? Javi? You name it! My sister  discovered this gem of a blog during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and we've been avid visitors ever since. If you're a fan of Real Madrid FC, her other blog Una Madridista, is also worth checking out.

Mommy Fleur (

What's to love: I’m no mommy yet, but Mommy Fleur’s witty chronicles of her everyday life makes it a fun read for everyone. Her OotD entries are something to look forward to as well as her little anecdotes about the family princess, Anika. But can I let you in on a secret? My favorites are the Girlie and Jekjek posts. Oh what a hoot those two would’ve been if they were our neighbors.


What’s to love: The mother of all K-drama recap blogs. Consider the drama lucky if the team chose to add it on their current list of projects. Again, I tip my hats off to those who painstakingly post recaps of each K-drama episode almost as soon after it aired in Korea. It’s never easy doing screenshots and writing your thoughts all the while knowing that hundreds of readers are awaiting your next update.


What’s to love: Admittedly one of the bloggers who inspired me to start blogging again, Krissy’s busy schedule these days makes you wonder how she manages to fit all those events into her social calendar considering she has a day job on the side. Truth be told, I admire her for living a life I’ve always dreamed of. :) She’s a fashion icon, writer and working girl all rolled into one.

How about you? Got any blogs to recommend? Join and post it over at Nuffnang as well. Less than 24hrs to go before the deadline!

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