August 1, 2011

Kitchen Chronicles: Beef Steak w/ margarine

Sounds weird? Believe me, it tastes otherwise. My mom introduced us to a new secret ingredient she’s been using for her beef steak over the summer. I was so used to the traditional way of cooking it that I was apprehensive how margarine would factor into the equation. But surprise, surprise… it made the dish even tastier… and more fragrant too! Since then I have been requesting it every once in a while from my sister. She’s the real cook in the family. :) I merely plan and photograph the dishes afterwards.

FYI: If you’re on a diet, better skip this dish for you’ll consume several platefuls of rice without even realizing it. I'm the living proof. Hehe!

BEFORE: marinated beef

Preparing this dish is fairly simple. Just marinate the beef in soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi juice, grated ginger and grated garlic. Use margarine instead of cooking oil when you cook it and add star anise afterwards. Top with onions once done for plating. Pair it with steaming hot rice plus your favorite beverage and you’ll be one happy foodie.

AFTER: beef steak w/ margarine topped with onions

Speaking of food trips, I’m really craving for Zubuchon right now. It doesn’t help that a former classmate of mine posted a photo of her recent dining experience in one of their restaurants here in Cebu. Hopefully next weekend we can finally sample what Anthony Bourdain had been raving about in his No Reservations show.

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