August 27, 2011

Day 4: Jeyne and Ygritte sure are lucky gals!

I’d gladly take any of the brothers if I were given a choice. But knowing how majority are fawning over Jon Snow, my heart’s pretty much set towards Robb Stark. How can you not love the accent? And Richard Madden’s eyes! *swoon*

Speaking of which, I still have some Game of Thrones catching up to do. (the TV series, not the books) I got into it pretty late and currently I’m on Episode 5. Team Stark FTW! But boy do they have a gazillion of characters to remember for this series. Season 2 is set to introduce new ones as well. Can they still replace the actress they cast for Jeyne? :) Just feeling possessive over Robb, that’s all. Haha!

I wonder if there are plans to cast Ygritte too? They’d better pick a good one otherwise Jon Snow fangirls will raise hell.

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