August 21, 2011

August 21 = DISASTER

No internet, no water… on a ‘tingbits’ (read: no money) weekend. Could things get any worse? Shallow rant on my part, I know. But the universe owes me at least my internet connection because I’m staying put instead of going to the mall. 

It’s ironic how I’m suddenly having this internet problem (again!) after I agreed to an upgrade for my broadband DSL. And the tech support isn’t of any help. I’m being fed the standard apologetic and template-y response when customers complain about their connection. Troubleshooting did not get us anywhere because I know the problem isn’t on our end. And because this happened on a weekend, tech visit isn’t until tomorrow. Gahhh! I hate being an irate customer because I was nothing but kind when I was an agent with my current company.

Please let my luck change by next week. It’ll be my birthday weekend and I hate to spend it with bad vibes bouncing all over the place.

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