January 28, 2009

Boys Over Flowers: Song Woo-bin

Thank goodness they actually gave Woo-bin more lines this week! I was beginning to think they were treating him as the next door neighbor. Seriously, this guy gets the least amount of appreciation among the F4. But props to Kim Joon for getting favorable reviews with whatever appearance his character has in each episode. Now that I've reviewed my Hana Yori Dango Live DVDs, I have this whole new appreciation for the character of Mimasaka Akira whom I've regretfully ignored in Meteor Garden.

Here's some of my favorite Woo-bin scenes from Episode 7.

Dinner with Jan-di, Yi-jeung and Jun-hee. He stood his ground saying he was against this whole Jun-pyo/Ji-hoo tiff.

Aren't they all cute? They look pretty scared after seeing Jun-hee drag Jun-pyo by the ear from the principal's office.

Bromance! LOL.

LOL @ his reaction. He was like a little kid clapping in appreciation of Jun-hee's fierce speech about having a best of three competition.

Seriously, do these guys even have homes? First dinner, now breakfast? Do they also have spare rooms at the Gu mansion?

But one little nitpick though, he needs more workshops if he wishes to make it as a dramatic actor. That "singhot-school-of-acting" ruined an otherwise perfect moment of his during the fake hospital scene in Episode 8.


  1. aloha!! Gosh.. i love woo bin too ^^ too bad he's appearance not as much as the others. is he Japanese?

  2. WooBin is korean. Pure korean :)I dun like woobin. Dun tink he's cute or handsome like the other 3s'.


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