January 30, 2009

Hotch/Prentiss, anyone?

From TV Guide:

Criminal Minds' Hotch and Prentiss have had some great scenes together this season. Is there any chance (fingers crossed) that they will become a couple?Holly

MATT: A couple, no — but a source tells me you will see how much they care for each other as team members. That moment comes during a February March sweeps episode, when Hotch sticks his neck out for Prentiss on a case that is very personal to her. In that same hour, you'll also get new insight into Prentiss' romantic past, including mistakes she made as a teen.

Cool! Just the kind of spoiler to brighten up my day. Prentiss is by far my favorite character on CM and Hotch comes a close second. Although admittedly I'm a closet 'shipper of the two, any episode with them working closely together as professionals is something to look forward to.

Is it travesty that I completely missed Criminal Minds for two weeks now? Looks like someone's too caught up with Boys Over Flowers.

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