September 2, 2011

Day 10: Harry, Ginny and kids (A Potter family portrait!)

Now this is just lovely. Granted that David Yates already screwed up Ginny in the movies, a photo like this still makes you miss having a Potter movie to look forward to each year. I love it, despite criticisms on the ageing make-up, because the casting people managed to find great kids to portray Harry and Ginny’s children. Will Dunn is a charmer. Arthur Bowen’s features look like he could really be Dan and Bonnie’s son. Daphne just reminds me of little Bonnie from Sorcerer’s Stone.

The epilogue better get a special feature on the DH2 DVD! Now where’s the family portrait for Ron, Hermione, Rosie and Hugo? :)

*photo credit to Oclumencia’s twitter

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