September 18, 2011

Day 26: Fleeting fancies

For about a day or two, I toyed with the idea of getting an e-Book reader or a tablet PC for Christmas. Just one of those fleeting fancies I have at random times. It was just so tempting to finally de-clutter my bookshelf and place everything in one device that I can bring anywhere. But being the OC freak that I am, it didn’t take long for me to give up. The formatting just didn’t suit my taste. I wanted it to mirror the exact book itself and not all (free) e-books are like that. :)

Oh well, I guess nothing beats the feeling of holding a real book in your hands. It’s really all a matter of preference. Some people maybe comfortable using a Kindle/iPad/Galaxy Tab for reading while others are not. If ever I’ll get a Tab (IF, being the operative word) it’s most certainly not for the Kindle app.

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