September 7, 2011

Day 15: Buffy’s back with… Ringer!

I’ve never been a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar during her Buffy heydays. Her voice was just too nasal, plus she got to marry Freddie Prinze, Jr.! Yeah, I’m a bitter fan. :) Heehee! Eight years after BtVS bid adieu, SMG is back on the small screen with her new project Ringer… playing twins nonetheless. And I must say, the trailer had me impressed. 

I love how it gave us a background of the story without revealing too much which in turn encourages more viewers to check out the pilot to see how this whole mystery unfolded. 

Oh and one more thing… Ioan Gruffud!!! Isn’t he reason enough for someone to check out this show? Tsk! Lucky, lucky SMG!

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