September 17, 2011

Day 25: Online friendships

It was so nice to see Jesser again after three years. The last time we met up, she was with Cai and they had just come from Bohol on a vacation. Our online friendship goes a long way back. They were among my first friends in LiveJournal, thanks to our mutual love for Harry Potter. Today we are still Twitter and FB friends… forever bounded by technology. Heehee!

You see, it’s very rare that I get to meet with an online friend since I live in Cebu and most of the bloggers I know are based in Manila. But it’s cool how we interact through each other’s blogs. I really make it a point to comment especially if I can relate to the entry. Sometimes it feels like you’ve known each other forever, right? :)

Hopefully I get to meet each and everyone of you in the near future… if by some sheer coincidence I end up in Manila again.

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