August 15, 2011

One Day + La Roja

Forgive the week-long absence. Things at the office got pretty hectic at one point and by the time I arrived home all I want to do is sleep. Naturally, a lot has happened in my fandoms. Let’s see if I can remember them all in a quick rundown:

The trailer for One Day. I love romantic flicks, much more if the main OTP has off-the-charts chemistry. While I’m on the fence regarding Anne Hathaway (don’t like her, don’t hate her either)... Jim Sturgess is reason enough for me to be on-board this flick. Not really sure if I’d rather read the book first while waiting for the movie to be released here.

Speaking of romantic flicks, I should really find a copy of Something Borrowed (the movie, not the book). Saw some being sold in Colon DVD stalls last Saturday but I think it’s better if I borrow instead from an officemate who already has one.

Oh, and La Roja had a friendly last August 10 against Forza Azzurri (Team Italy). They lost. Nothing surprising about that considering their track record in friendlies. The only good thing was that my bebe Xabi scored the lone goal for Spain in that game! Yayyy! The man is perfection personified as always.

Crossing my fingers that they do better once they play another Euro qualifying game in September.

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