March 17, 2009

The BOF Gary Stu

It gives me great relief that many people share my observation about Yoon Ji-hoo turning into a freakin' Gary Stu. The writer is too in love with the character that she piles up arc after arc on him just to maximize screentime. Sadly, the more Ji-hoo turns heroic in the eyes of viewers, the more he becomes annoying in my opinion. I have never hated the Rui character in the previous adaptations but the Korean one just takes the cake. It's very hard to sympathize with the way the character is portrayed even if he has the most heart-wrenching sob story among the guys. And it doesn't help that he continuously sports that "blue steel" look when the scene requires him to switch emotions.

Yoon Ji Ryun, I hope you're happy. You have successfully ruined the character I initially fell in love with in the HYD universe. But perhaps I should be thankful too (albeit grudgingly). Knocking Rui off his pedestal made me appreciate what a great and under-utilized character Mimasaka Akira was.

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