March 12, 2009

Can Woobin get any love from TPTB?

F4 'Song Woo Bin' was about to get his own storyline but in the end the idea was scrapped.

On the 12th, a persons concerned revealed, "There was a plan to create an episode where Woo Bin would get his storyline."

According to the persons concerned, during the time when discussions where underway for the extension of 'Boys Over Flowers,' plans had been formed to produce an episode featuring Song Woo Bin. But there were some who were opposed saying that the F4 & Geum Jan Di must appear or the development will fall short.

And like this, Song Woo Bin's storyline was being debated along with the extension. There appeared to be an extension by 2 episodes and one of those would contain Song Woo Bin's storyline.

A decision was reached that a 2 episode extension would be too much, Song Woo Bin's episode plan was brought to the table and along with opposing views and organizational issues the plan was scrapped.

Meanwhile, the least is known about Song Woo Bin's character even in the original comic out of the F4. But, his character receives numerous amounts of love from 'Boys Over Flowers' because of his humorous and extravagant personality.

Thanks to moonangelkioku who helped translate the article we found from Cyworld.

There's always fanfiction, right? But really, the article above makes me want to slap the BOF screenwriter senseless. Yoon Ji Ryun's obsessive love for Jihoo has caused the script to sacrifice character development for the remaining F4 members. If Yijung never had Gaeul, he would most definitely suffer Woobin's fate. Twenty four episodes is more than enough to cover the entire manga with side-stories to boot. But what do we get? A fiancee overstaying her welcome, seven episodes of barely any Junpyo/Jandi interaction and confused fans who don't seem to realize that the ending will never change even if TPTB's been building up the wrong 'ships.


  1. [quote]Twenty four episodes is more than enough to cover the entire manga with side-stories to boot[/quote]My sentiment EXACTLY. This could have been one endearing series or a complete F4 collection that can satisfy all fans' wishes regarding all the F4 members that was not fully developed in the manga. What a waste. What a shame. What a loser... haha ok ok. that was a little overboard. but hey, just ranting. Can't hide my disappointment.

  2. [...] in BoF, no thanks to a scriptwriter fangirl, ultimately sacrificing what could have been a potential backstory for another F4 [...]


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