January 3, 2010

Payback is just around the corner…

Part of me wishes that Kim Joon would just ditch T-Max and go start a drama career. I know it's a long shot since he is bound by a contract, not to mention that he and the guys go a long way back. What got me fuming was the fact that he was snubbed for a nomination during the recently concluded KBS Drama Awards. Really now, was Boys Over Flowers really all about the F3 only? Yoon Ji Ryun's destructive adaptation of the famous manga continues to haunt me until now.
Having a new drama is probably the only way that Kim Joon can rid himself of the stigma of being known as the "neglected F4". The guy has talent, and it's a shame that neither the PD or writer of BoF gave it due recognition. Now while the guy is still MIA, allow me to fawn over a new KPop idol we discovered... thanks to the drama You're Beautiful. Isn't Jung Yong Hwa a dream? Oh what I would give just to be in Moon Geun Young's shoes that moment. Haha!

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