December 25, 2008

Are you ready for... Takipsilim?

Despite the news being posted on the ABS-CBN website, (They took it down, apparently) I am not buying this whole Takipsilim nonsense. Had I been the rumor starter I would be laughing my ass off judging from the impact it has created. Seriously? I cannot believe how gullible some people can be. Even the cast list they came up with is less than stellar. I may not be a fan of the series, but this is just pure crap and LOL-worthy hearsay.

So, is New Moon going to be called... Bagong Buwan?


This news from Too Much TV actually shocked me so to speak. Firing Balthazar Getty from Brothers & Sisters? I can't imagine the siblings one Walker short. But if this is true, then maybe they can just have Tommy and Julia move far-away from California instead of killing the character? Nah! Nora wouldn't have it anyway knowing that she's the type who wants her family close by.

So granting that they'll kill the character, who's betting this will actually make Kevin more involved with Julia and Lizzie after the revelation that he's her biological father? Haha! Very soap opera-ish, but possible.


Oh, and Merry Christmas to all! Hope you're enjoying the holidays as much as I am.

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