December 5, 2008

Fandoms in photos…

The past week had been a busy one that I barely had time to blog about my fandoms.

Not really feeling the outfit. Really now, socks and open-toed shoes? But the thing about this girl is that what looks "baduy" in our eyes manages to look trendy on her. Or at least it gets easy on the eyes after several views. One thing I've realized after years of seeing Bonnie attend such events is that she never goes with the norm. She sets her own fashion.

Meet your Korean Dao Ming Si Goo Joon Pyo and Shan Cai Geum Jan Di. He looks cute hawt! The series premieres on January 5 in Korea and more likely will hit Philippine TV around six months later.


Oh, can I just say that Fully Booked-Ayala is my new Disneyland? Gaaahhhh, I can stay there for the whole day and never get bored. I love their extensive selection of books which includes titles I've never seen in NB before.

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