November 29, 2008

Of soap operas and Mary Sues…

The Bold and the Beautiful would probably be the only US soap I've followed closely enough over the past eight years. Nevermind if we're eighteen months behind with the episodes in Star World, I've managed to keep myself updated with the recent US storyline through various websites I visit. The US soap world is twisted, I tell you. Filipinos will find their patience running out with unending or recycled storylines thrown at the them by the writers.


I cannot wait for this whole Twilight mania to be over in no time. The hype is becoming this [] close to annoying that I avoid messageboards about it like the plague. When I casually mentioned to my officemate that I was thinking of giving away my Twilight book, she looked at me as if I was spellbound to actually considering giving it up. Really, no amount of bribery can make me appreciate the annoying twat of a Mary Sue who goes by the name of Bella Swan.

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