November 24, 2008

MOVIE: Enchanted

I fell in love with this movie a year too late! Yes, being the miser that I am, I never even bothered to watch this during its regular theater run. But after seeing this last night on Star World, I shall rave about it to my heart's content. 

Looking absolutely stunning throughout the entire flick, Amy Adams was a revelation as Princess Giselle. Who knew she could carry a tune? Or that she and Patrick Dempsey had such amazing chemistry? Really, McDreamy's hotness factor (in my standards) shot up because of it.

My favorite part has got to be when Robert and Giselle were dancing and he was unknowingly humming the song to her. Totally cheesy, but it nearly moved me to tears. It's interesting to note that Disney hasn't lost its touch when it comes to fairytales. Disney princesses were a huge part of my childhood, and now, even as an adult, they still weave that magic over those who believe.

After all, there's still a child in each one of us.

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