December 13, 2008

JC Tiuseco: Pinoy Sole Survivor

But first off, some comments about the finale:
  • One thing that impressed me most when I watched the earlier seasons of Survivor (Australian Outback & Africa) was their ability to re-create the exact set of the Tribal Council during the finale. Last night fell short of my expectations. Granted that the network forked this much in staging the franchise, they should've opted for an outdoor setting.
  • Whoa! Cris sure cleaned up pretty well after being voted off the island, eh? I almost didn't recognize him during the jury portion.
  • Zita is to SP what Yayo was to PBBCE2 last year. I have full and utmost respect for the moms out there (mine included) but it ticks me off when the "mommy card" is used in reality competitions to draw up sympathy. Is it really a Pinoy thing na isumbat ang utang na loob? Tsk! Tsk!

Last night's events validated what spoilers had been saying all along, that the jury awards the title to John Carlo Tiuseco. For me there was nothing questionable about the decision as he had proven himself worthy to be called as such. It was a long and uphill climb for the sheltered Tsinoy schoolboy whom many doubted would even last beyond the third tribal council.

A second season is definitely in the works as gauged by the audience reaction.

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