February 7, 2009

Unpopular Opinion

I knew I'd be getting hate mails if I posted this at Soompi, so I figured I might as well rant in my own blog.

Here goes... I cannot stand the Yi-jung/Ga-eul pairing on Boys Over Flowers.

They're giving too much importance to Kim Bum's character that it's now starting to look like there's two main couples on the show. Poor Ji-hoo and Woo-bin are now classified as mere sidekicks. But I'm not bringing too much negativity into that thought. I'll take it one episode at a time and just enjoy any scenes of my favorite character.

Lookie! After the snub he had on Episode 10 (which was ironically also his birthday), Kim Joon finally has some scenes in the previews released for Episodes 11 and 12. Yayyy! That's reason enough for us to download the torrents. I cannot take it if he disappeared for two episodes in a row... it would be a total insult to the character of Song Woo-bin.

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