February 14, 2009

Why Pinoy shows bother me...

I am confused with Tadyang. Isn't Marian's character supposed to be sexy, sassy and mysterious? Why is she coming off as someone sexy, crass and... demented? I dunno. I have this feeling the storyline is going the Vanilla Sky way. Has someone seen the original movie? (ABHSAT, I mean) How did it end?


Why is it that weddings, kidnappings and hostage takings are a staple in every Pinoy drama finale? Recently concluded dramas of a certain network had all these elements present right when the show was on its final week. You could almost predict the sequence of events after the villain gets outed for his/her misdeeds. Which leaves me wondering, will the flow of storytelling ever change for Philippine television?


By now I have no idea how I Love Betty La Fea is doing. The story has gone completely far off from the Columbian version that it looks like TPTB are milking it for all its worth. Too bad because the show looked very promising in its earlier months.

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