May 6, 2011

Oh what a busy week it has been!

I am on a blogging backlog. The past few days had been so hectic I barely had time to keep up with my entries here. For starters, the ‘rents are currently in town for the summer. It’s fun because they brought my younger cousin as well so it’s basically a full house in this otherwise gloomy residence before. Mom’s keeping us all busy. I love it when she’s around because the house looks impeccable, plus we get to taste home cooked meals again! With a work schedule like mine, the only time we ever get to cook decent meals before was over the weekend… when I’m on a rest day. Otherwise it’s most carinderia food or take-out. Oh the woes of a yuppie!

Also, my weekend was packed. Saturday was spent on a team building activity with my officemates and I was their designated photographer. We proceeded to Mountain View Nature’s Park right after shift. Surprisingly, I had fun. I only wished I came better prepared since I forgot to pack some slippers and was in sneakers all throughout the day. Given the park’s terrain, it’s best that you go there wearing comfortable clothing since you’ll be walking most of the time especially when scouting for photo opportunities.

Our manager's treat... Cang's Spicy Lechon! Yup, those are true-blue silis stuffed inside the pig.
I'm getting the hang of taking jumpshot pics! :) Finally, I have willing subjects to my photo schemes. Hehe!
I’m glad I actually went to the outing despite having only four hours of sleep the day before. The Manila trip may have been postponed (long story…) but it was worth spending those hours away from city life and just enjoying the moment with my officemates.

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