May 9, 2011

The hunt for that commemorative issue…

Why so elusive OK! Philippines? Fate is never kind whenever a certain book or magazine catches my fancy. Chances are, they’re always out of stock or have been sold-out within hours prior to my visit. Paper Cuts was one example. It took me two week before I could even get my hands on a copy of that book because apparently stocks weren’t delivered to that branch yet. 

And now this commemorative issue for the Royal Wedding! As soon as I read it from Topaz Horizon’s blog that it was out, I made it a goal of mine to purchase a copy over the weekend. But sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. NBS had no copies and so did Watson’s. I thought I’d have my luck at the grocery but they don’t have the latest issue as well. Quite a bit frustrating. You know that urge when you just want to buy something but ended up empty-handed in the end?

Must try again this Tuesday.

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