January 30, 2011

Rosey the bookworm

I’m a happy camper. It’s been a while since I bought books for myself and for this week alone I got two. Yayyy me! First off was the “elusive” Paper Cuts by Pam Pastor, whose blog entries are just made of awesome. I said elusive because it took me weeks before I can find a copy of it in National Bookstore. But the whole wait was worth it. Her experiences will have you wishing what it’s like to live her life. My favorite accounts were those about Inday. Oh what a riot it must be to have a househelp like her! I finished the book in one sitting, but I still read it from time to time. Somehow it actually motivates me to keep on blogging. 

The second book I got is a chick-lit from Summit Books. Popped is basically a chronicle of what it’s like to be a K-Pop fangirl. And by fangirl I mean the extremes, such as (1) acquire any possible merchandise pertaining to the fandom you’re currently obsessing about; (2) travel to where your idols will be holding a concert, never mind the grand you’ll be forking just to breathe the same air as they do; and (3) obsessively go through every clip about them on YouTube or articles posted about them on the internet. 

My friends, there’s a reason why this blog is called iamnofangirl. I can never do any of those things. I do not have the luxury of giving up my job and following the call of my fandom. I can never plan for a trip impulsively because I have a lot of other factors to consider. If only life were as simple like Andie’s (the book’s main character), huh?

*photos swiped from Anvil Publishing and FunnySexyPH


  1. hope I could read Paper Cuts too kasi it sounds interesting

  2. I want to get Paper Cuts din but I got Jessica Zafra's Twisted 9 and the Glee Annual instead. I'll definitely buy my own copy the next time I drop by National Bookstore :)

  3. @Anne and Krissy - You should get Paper Cuts. It's fun, witty and very well put-together. :)

  4. I think I've read good things about Paper Cuts as well from other blog/s. Bili ako nyan pag may nakita ako. :)


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