January 19, 2011

My plans for Sinulog...

… did not push through, unfortunately.

Fate must've willed it that I spend the entire day at home and be spared from the torrential downpour. Part of me was disappointed because this was probably the only time I was excited to be "out there". But my sister was not feeling well and I hate to be out while someone is sick at home. So yeah, maybe next year.

But who said I had to spend my entire restdays at home?

Mom put us up to task of buying my brother's surprise birthday gift. No thanks to my dad, the surprise was ruined even before we could hand the gift to the rightful owner.

His new phone, a Samsung Omnia B7320


He finally has his own phone that isn't a hand-me-down. My brother is no poster-boy when it comes to saving up so we had to bug him for years to buy a gadget from his own money. He refused to budge. And NO, he's not the most "kawawa" (kawawa = least fortunate?) among us three. He's just a little lost when it comes to his priorities.  Sometimes I wonder how he'd feel if there was no one left to pick up where he slacked off?

Ever watched Family Guy? The Griffins are the closest fictional equivalent I have of my own family.

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  1. Ok lang yan, sabi mo nga malakas yung ulan. There's still next year or other festivities to come. Cheer up :)

    Hmm, intriguing, I don't watch Family Guy but let me research about it so I can relate.


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