January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

I was supposed to make a year-end post last night but since we were all too busy with food preparation, the plan slipped through my mind. Not enough pictures. I promise this year will be better once we have Yogi. It was a hoot seeing our dog scared shitless of the fireworks though. She kept following us around all over the house. I didn’t know whether I should be amused or pity her in that state. Were your pets scared of the fireworks/firecrackers too?

Speaking of holiday festivities, it is probably the only time of the year (except maybe for Holy Week) that people are in-town and reunions can be scheduled with ease. I met up with some of my block mates from college a few days ago and we had fun reminiscing over dinner at Mesa. Gen, who’s currently based in Dubai, initiated the meet-up.


Wanna know a secret? I have this really bad experience on meet-ups with this batchmates of mine. A few years ago, I was at the mall with my sister when I spotted a couple of them having lunch at this certain restaurant. It turns out they were having a get-together and I wasn’t invited because they didn’t know my number. I mean, seriously? I have Facebook (where they are even my friends) and I have Twitter. Not having my mobile number should never have been an excuse. I don’t force myself on people but when your block was composed of only 20 – 25 people during college, from freshman to senior year, surely you’d expect at least a sense of courtesy for an invite to be sent your way. But that’s all water under the bridge now. I’ve moved on.

I have high hopes for the new year. I have yet to come up with resolutions but I hope to be as productive as I was last year. Just not as sickly, please. I hate being sidelined due to health issues. It destroys my focus.


  1. happy new year!! reunions with friends are always a happy occasion haha :) buti naman di ka na namiss-out this time :)

  2. Hi Hazel, happy new year to you too. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yup, reunions are something to look forward to.:) I'm just happy I was able to be a part of it.


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