January 25, 2011

One Saturday at Red Box

...the WFM people decided to get-together and unwind. It was, after all, the weekend. We opted for some videoke instead of the usual lunch + photo-ops routine. But the photo-ops still happened. I was raring to try Yogi on someone other than Gwen or my immediate family.

I couldn't be more thankful. It was the perfect opportunity to blow-off steam. Shift bid had me in a bad mood when I left the office and I felt like snapping at anyone who dared to cross me that instant. But the bad mood vanished into thin air as soon as we started singing our hearts out.
Yes, Bubbles... sing your heart out.
I would've loved to stay longer. It was fun hanging out with my officemates for once. Sadly, that monthly thing ruined the rest of my Saturday and forced me to retire to bed early.
Oh well, there's always the next time, guys! I'll still be your photographer if you'll let me.


  1. Too bad the "monthly thing" had to ruin your day. Sarap magbonding with friends and colleagues talaga. :)

    Did you try Red Box's food as well?

  2. I agree with Madz. Nakakamiss din ang ganyang bonding.

  3. Red Box is ALWAYS fun! :)

    Aah, the "monthly thing" is the only not fun thing about being a girl x_x

  4. @Madz - Oh yup, tried their food too. I forgot to post a photo! 'Twas just okay for my taste. Nothing fancy.

    @The Peregrinator - Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Yup, you're right. I think I'll join more after-office bonding events from now on. Hehe!

    @Krissy - Not really much of a videoke person, but surprisingly I had fun last Saturday. Kanta lang ng boyband hits. Haha!


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