January 6, 2011

Bread, Love and Dreams


Try sitting through an episode of this series and it will make you run towards the nearest bakeshop after. I kid you not. Bread Talk became Disneyland in my eyes.

Part of Baker Kim Takgu's (a.k.a. Bread, Love and Dreams/The Baker King) appeal was the ability of its writer to integrate the baking industry into a melodrama. And she didn't just integrate, she sustained its importance to the plot until the very end. The plot is formulaic but the charisma of those who played the characters made it one of the top-rated k-dramas for 2010. It's not too dragging (30 episodes only) and the lead guys are such eye candies. Yes, I'm shallow. But don't we all initially gauge our interest on a drama depending on how attractive its leads are?


For those who follow its run on GMA-7, or if you had just started it on DVD, one of the most interesting characters to watch out for is Gu Majun (Matthew, to local viewers). Effortlessly played by newcomer Joo Won, his flawed nature makes him the perfect anti-hero to Takgu. A poor tortured soul eager to break free from psycho mommy's clutches. His brooding nature makes one take caution at his motives. But why is it so hard to hate him? Why do you secretly root for a brotherly relationship between him and Takgu?

Watch the series to find out!


  1. You're fond of watching Korean movies pala sis. I've once addicted to that but now no more because I almost spent my time on the internet working for the whole day.

  2. Ah yes, I love Korean dramas. But I'm quite choosy. Mostly I prefer rom-com ones but this series was really good.


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