December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

The 'rents are currently in-town to spend the holidays. Ahhh, can anyone say home-cooked meals? I missed that. The stove was busted when dad left for Surigao and since no one among us knew how to fix it (or connect one to an LPG tank) we survived on canned goods and take-outs. For two months! So college life, right? Which is why I love it when my mom's around. She can never stand seeing us famished. She even bought me Spam when we did the groceries a few days ago.

Noche Buena celebration was pretty low key. It was just us in the family. But it was fun, since we were together. Pretty funny though how it was my mom who ended up buying a new gadget for herself. While us siblings are sharing a laptop, she gets to have her own netbook! We named her Pinky (tacky, I know!) and she’s a spiffy Samsung N150.

samsungn150Inggit! I sure wished we had Yogi with us already. While the rest already had digicams and DSLRs to document their holidays, we had to settle for the good, old camera phone. Oh well, God has bigger plans. If not this year, maybe the camera is meant for Summer 2011. I can wait. I just hope I can get a leave by then. Three days would suffice already.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you had a great celebration with your loved ones.


  1. Merry Christmas Rose!!! Holidays with the family is always the best!

  2. Merry Christmas sis! lucky mom! lol --GT Evan

  3. Nice laptop. Merry Christmas! And advance Happy New Year.

    iCleverClogs ;)

  4. Ang techy naman ni mommy mo! My nanay is too old to use gadgets, the "techiest" she's got is trying to play a memory game in my DSi, hehe.

  5. @Crix - Yup, it's always a blast celebrating the holidays with them. Lagi ka pang busog.

    @Evan - Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Happy Holidays as well.

    @MeMe - Nice noh? Buti pa siya may sarili nang netbook. Happy New Year!

    @Madz - Haha, ngayon lang nahilig sa techie stuff yan. It's never too late ika nga. My dad also got himself a new phone (C3). Buti pa sila, new gadgets for the new year.


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