December 19, 2010

Freakin’ Five Years!

Today I celebrate my 5th year with APS. Pretty amazing, huh? For someone who had sworn off working for call centers before, I can only wonder how I managed to stick around for half a decade. Much of the credit goes to my officemates. It’s always true. You can never last if you hate the company of who you’re working with. I’m just thankful that we are quite a wacky bunch. We have our own quirks, yet we all managed to get along so well.

And speaking of work, yesterday we had the Christmas party for WFM Cebu at Pump 1. I wasthisclose to not attending since I hated looking for an outfit at the 11th hour to fit the theme they chose. Good thing my sister still prodded me to attend. After all, I forked out quite a contribution for this party. I’m just so happy I received the gift I had on my wish list. Now I can start fulfilling my quest to follow JK Rowling’s footsteps. (joke!)

wfm party 1
Bubbles, Me, Boogie and Badet
wfm party 2
Rey hosting the program. In all fairness, the food was GREAT!
I got the notebook from Fully Booked that I wished for! :)


  1. Wow tagal mo na palang nagwowork, medyo young looking kasi ikaw sa photos mo. Ako 2 years worth of working experience pa lang after I graduated.

    The notebook looks chic!

  2. @Madz - Awww, thanks! I myself can't believe I've been working this long na pala. To think that I really started working just so I can avoid law school. Hehe.


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