December 13, 2010

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

lenovo ideapad g460It’s hard when you share a PC with your siblings. You take turns in using it and sometimes even the ‘rents join in. Now if I had my (own) laptop, then imagine all the fun things I can do with it. To name a few, I can…
  1. Blog at my own pace. No one will ever hover behind me again begging for his/her turn on the PC.
  2. Catch up with all the blogs that I follow.
  3. Use my laptop when I hang-out at coffee shops with my sister. Wi-fi hotspots, here we come!
  4. Focus more on my writing. I want to be able to write stories, never mind if I start with fan fiction.
  5. Store pictures by the time we have Yogi (our DSLR project) with us.
  6. Have more privacy with my files.
  7. Organize my music collection. Who knows? I might get my own iPod next time.
  8. Bring my laptop when I go on out-of-town trips. (I wish!) Maybe 2011 is my lucky year?
  9. Watch my favorite US TV series or Korean dramas whenever I want to.
  10. Brag about it to my friends and officemates. If ever, this will be the first time that I win an online contest… and it’s a laptop to boot!
This is my entry in the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Give-away. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! hope you win it! :)

  2. Good luck on your entry! ^_^

    By the way, if your interested, may I invite you to join my giveaway too? Nothing biggie but hope you could join. Thanks!!


  3. oh! sharing a PC with your sisters is hell! but then, after a while, they all had their own lappy's and i thought it was the greatest thing to be the queen of the PC. i only bought my own laptop earlier this year and i couldn't believe how lame i was for not getting it sooner!

    i hope you win this rose!!!

  4. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! It's a one in a million chance. But it's nice to join contests like these pala. Malay natin baka swertehin.

    @Pinay Mommy - will try to think first of possible nominees for your giveaway.


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