December 6, 2010

Only you know how, to hear me through the silence…

Prince Albert and the (Princess) Victoria 
Romanticized or not, this movie remains to be on my list of favorites. Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt’s chemistry was off the charts. Made me wish that they were the real deal themselves. Like The Queen, The Young Victoria was an attempt to humanize England’s longest-reigning monarch. It dealt more on the queen’s family and not the monarchy or the politics surrounding it. Having such a strong cast to carry the film also became its advantage.

Emily Blunt was exceptional in the title role. I have always been a fan ever since I saw her in Empire. (great mini-series! Santiago Cabrera is a dream!) However the biggest revelation turned out to be Rupert Friend who has come a long way from being merely known as Kiera Knightley’s boyfriend. His portrayal of Prince Albert was heartfelt that you can’t help but fall in love with the character. Pray tell, if you knew a prince like that wouldn’t you want to marry him yourself?

Now if only I can find an original DVD of this, then I would be most happy. Wishlist, huh?

The Young Victoria DVD


  1. I love periodic movies! My favorite is Elizabeth.

    This looks something I will enjoy. I'll try to find a copy of this movie. I hope it's as good as Elizabeth (although, I'm a little biased to Cate Blanchett, who I think is a superb actress.)

  2. i think we were watching this at the same time, las sunday! hahaha! i loved the film and it was the first time for me to see it last sunday. i would watch it again, though, because i was writing something while watching it and did not get to pay close attention to the story. i loved how it ended... also, i love emily blunt and i will forever hate michael buble for leaving her!

  3. Ohhh, trust me you'll love this too. The movie focuses more on how Albert and Victoria met. Not much action, but they try to stay faithful to historical facts. Now I want to watch more periodic movies too... preferably those about royalty. :)

  4. Haha...yup! I was watching this last Sunday too. 'Twas much better 'coz it had subs. The one we downloaded before had none. Now I'm on the hunt for more BBC mini-series about royal families. The British royal family is one unhappy bunch... or at least their ancestors were. I can't imagine surviving during that time with emotionally distant family members. :D


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