June 8, 2011

Yes, I have super-high standards

McFassbender - The new OTP... haha!

Our Fassbender love is growing leaps and bounds as the days pass by. It has reached a point where my sister frequents Tumblr more often these days as she diligently searches for a torrent of the Jane Eyre version he's in. The man has been everywhere, can you believe it? Yet it's only now, because of X-Men: First Class, that he's starting to get noticed. Band of Brothers, 300, Inglorious Basterds... ahhh, must review those flicks again. Or better yet, find a DVD (bootleg) of X-Men: First Class. Heee!

Xabi got to wear the captain's armband again

And while we're on to the love of our lives... my dear Xabier finally scored a goal earlier during the friendly between La Roja and Venezuela. Yayyy! But I'm a bad fan, you know. I never get to watch their games since it's always scheduled whenever I'm at work. The one time I could have watched a friendly through TVE (last Sunday – against the US NT), I woke up a tad too late. Oh well, my chance will soon come.

It was funny though that when Xabi finally became a trending topic on Twitter... his name was spelled wrong! Tsk, tsk... know your Spaniards, people.

This is XAVI, people...
Not Xavi This is the love of my life the man I want to marry XABI Alonso
*All photos swiped from Daylife

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