June 28, 2011

Sick… and not lovin’ it!

I fell ill over the weekend. So while my officemates were busy making lakwatsa enjoying their payday, I was at home… barfing my guts out. Not a nice way to spend one’s rest days, I swear. I didn’t even get to enjoy Colon with my sister because I was trying to fight fainting spells under the heat of the sun.

Thankfully, my appetite’s back. Yayy! No more throwing up for me. One the bright side? I’m two kilos lighter because it. Not much, but it’s a good start for our Biggest Loser campaign. Haha!

Now if I can just finish this whole shift bid brouhaha this week then I’ll be one happy camper. I think it’s the stress from having to plot all these schedules and fitting them into the Fourth of July week that knocked me down over the weekend.

I need a happy thought!

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