June 15, 2011

Fly in, fly out… Manila!

It was one of the quickest trips I've had in my lifetime. Over the weekend, me and eight of my officemates flew to Manila to meet with our counterparts for the first ever summit organized by our department. It was a full-packed Saturday afternoon as we were distributed to different teams for the Amazing Race - Makati edition. The activity gave us the chance to bond with each other and know the people we work with, some of whom we've only met for the first time that weekend. How cool was it to finally put a face to people you normally talk to over the phone?
Photo-op! We were at the airport by 3AM for our 5:55AM flight...
Never mind the muscle pains, or the fact that I carelessly chose to wear flip flops while racing all over Makati. Everyone had fun... even if competitiveness was rearing its ugly head on some of the participants.
First stop... at the Stock Exchange building
Double time! The blue team is catching up.
We all trooped to Center Stage Family KTV and Resto Bar later that evening for a party to cap off the celebration. Some were boozed up while others chose to simply dance (or sing) to their heart's content. Dinner was nothing extraordinary but the pica-pica platter was just awesome. I can't recall how many calamares I must've had that night, or the cheese sticks, or the fries... even the tuknenengs.
One of the many pica-pica platters that evening...
Such a bummer though that we were only given the weekend to stay there. It would've been nice to meet up with some friends and explore the city for an extra day or two. Hmmm... maybe I'll come back one of these days with my sister, or the girls from TKC. After all, travel memories are the best when you're with people closest to your heart.
Group picture!
Thank you, Manila! I actually enjoyed our fly in, fly out weekend although it was too bitin. Hopefully we’ll still get the chance to host the next Amazing Race/Summit here in Cebu (or Baguio first, perhaps?).

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