October 21, 2008

Hey, it’s Ryan!

When I got home from work, my sister suprised me with the news that Ryan Lafferty (Walker) had been cast. Comments? Violent reactions? He actually reminds me of Matthew Gray Gubler. To be honest I was already sold on the Scott Porter idea that I feel for Michael Ausiello right now.


Oh, and speaking of Brothers & Sisters, looks like they're finally addressing the long-forgotten paternity of the twins. From Watch w/ Kristin...

Hilary in Portland, Ore.: What's coming up on Brothers & Sisters?
A Walker is dying! Dying—not dead—so don't start paying your condolences just yet. There's a liver failing, and a transplant needed, but the donated organ has to come from daddy. And naturally, this will be a Walker feller who didn't know he was a daddy. Who could it be? Your guesses go right down there in the comments.

My money's on Kevin. Just please don't let this turn out as another Three Dads, One Mom type of storyline. 

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