October 18, 2008

What’s up in TV Land?

While watching Criminal Minds last night, my sister and I were discussing what exactly is Emily Prentiss' backstory? Viewers know nothing more about her other than being a diplomat's daughter, someone who's fluent in several languages and one who was too eager to rise up to the ranks of the FBI but abandoned those thoughts in favor of her team. Then an idea suddenly hit me and I realized... what if she and Hotch shared more things in common than what viewers thought? This is not my shippy mind working, but I do feel that more or less she went through the same things that Hotch did before. She's like the female version of him, only less stiff and less workaholic.


It's so weird seeing Daniel LaRusso Ralph Macchio all-grown up. Sadly, I am stuck in a time-warp where he'll always be the baby-faced Karate Kid for me. Be sure to catch him on Ugly Betty this season!


Smallville's getting pretty interesting too thanks to those Clark/Lois moments at The Daily Planet. Now they're far off from couplehood yet but their banters are all that's important. Too bad Lana's returning for a couple of episodes.


On local TV, things at Survivor Philippines are starting to heat up now that the merge is fast approaching. Tsk, tsk... bad move, Jarakay. Now it's pretty much given that Naak will enter the merge having the majority. Kakainin kayo ng buhay. Haha!

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