October 29, 2008

Profiling at its best

I would like to thank my CTV angels for bringing me Criminal Minds earlier this week. That said, can I just say I totally enjoyed Catching Out? This definitely goes to my top episodes for the season. The unsub was pretty hard to recognize but once they pieced together a profile (Vortex Guy!) it was all a matter of time before he got caught. Emily speaking Spanish was cute though. That lady is talented! She's my new role model.

Big surprise when Morgan didn't get to save the day for a change. Good judgment on the writers' part. It was getting annoying how he turns up as the alpha male in every operation. Let Rossi, Reid and Hotch have their chance, man!


  1. That's Kathy...Chandler's GF from Friends right? She's on CM now? Don't watch it regularly kasi.

  2. Yup, that's her. She joined the show halfway through its second season. I almost didn't recognize she was "Kathy" until I watched my FRIENDS VCD again.:)


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