June 7, 2010

Of chick flicks and Chuck Bartowski

In an effort to turn my brain into mush, me and my sister watched The Proposal (finally!) on DVD a few days ago. Sandra Bullock & chick flicks FTW! Despite the age difference, she and Ryan Reynolds (lucky ScarJo!) managed to make their chemistry work. While I swooned over how Ryan made Andrew Paxton's character so charming, my sister was more amused by Mr. Reynolds' sense of humor. A guy with good looks and comedic chops certainly ranks high in our hotness meter. Not to be outdone with equally hilarious scenes in the movie was Betty White who played Andrew's grandmother. Her agility had me wishing I'd be as graceful and upbeat when I reach that age.

My only peeve was that three days was too short a time for the two leads to fall in love. Had this been a Korean drama, all those angst over the fake marriage would've been stretched to 16 episodes. But hey, suspension of disbelief for the hopeless romantics at heart! This is totally going to my must-have DVD collection.

Speaking of hot guys with comedic chops... who knew Chuck Bartowski Zachary Levi could carry a tune? I chanced upon the video of his duet with Katharine McPhee while browsing some Mark/Lexie thread at Fanforum and it swept me off my feet instantly. Yes, I am a sucker for cheesy lovesongs. Haha! Terrified has been enjoying constant airplay on my phone for weeks now. I don't think I'll ever get tired of listening to it. Listen for yourself!


  1. I also did enjoy the movie, The Proposal. Sandra Bullock is just amazing, she's a doll! whatever character she portrays, she's just clickin'..

  2. ^ Yayy, I agree. This is the second chick flick movie of hers that I really, really enjoyed... next to Miss Congeniality. What I'm really dying to see is The Blindside. Haven't seen the movie that snagged her an Oscar.


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