June 24, 2010

Te quiero, Xabi!

I'm catching up on Xabi Alonso's clips on YouTube. Man, I love guys with accents! He's just so cute when conversing in English that it reminds me of Puss-in-Boots. Haha! But yeah, finally got to see that infamous long-range goal he had back when he was still with Liverpool. Whether it was pure luck or a strategized game plan I can only imagine the excitement of the viewers who were watching the game at that moment. Oh Xabi, is it too much to ask for a repeat performance in this year's World Cup? ^_^ 

Write-ups always say he looks like Jason Bateman but I think he's more of a cross between him and Eric Mabius. And yes, he's married. Good thing I'm no longer a teenager who can be very territorial over guys they fangirl at.

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