June 9, 2010

Yes, I am a couch potato...

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For my first Team Carnival entry, allow me to share with you 5 TV shows I wouldn't mind watching over and over again on DVD. Nowadays I tend to gravitate more towards procedural dramas because I'd like to think I have the brains for it (I wish! ^_^). But back then, I was just like your regular couch potato who was after the eye candy and believed in happily ever afters. Making it to my Top 5 are two shows who have been renewed for the next season and three who have long-ended their run on the boob-tube.

DAWSON'S CREEK - Way back when Katie Holmes was still likeable and Joshua Jackson was still Charlie Conway (and soon, Pacey Witter)  for everybody . This, was a staple Tuesday morning discussion at school during my college years. Nevermind if Tabing-Ilog "sort of" ripped-off its concept. Come to think of it, this show most likely introduced me to the concept of 'shipping wars way before Harry Potter ever did. I mean, who among you here were on Team Dawson? or Team Pacey?

CHARMED - Ahhh, The Power of Three. What I loved most about the show was how it dealt with sibling issues together with the advancement of their powers. Who wouldn't want to be part of the Halliwell sisters? The girls managed to juggle good looks, awesome jobs and hot guys with their lifestyle as witches.

FRIENDS - Six people with distinct personalities stuck with each other for ten years to show us just how far friends go for the people they love. I watched this mainly because of my love for Mondler. But one can never deny that Phoebe Buffay was the real scene stealer.

GLEE - Despite the continuity issues and the hype surrounding it, I love Glee for making me remember what it was like to be in high school again and to be so idealistic in achieving what you want from life.

CRIMINAL MINDS - Unlike CSI, the team is not after the evidence but rather the behavioral background which prompted the unsub to commit the crime. Profiling is my dream job. So much that I like practicing it on my officemates or just anyone at random. I love what the team does for a living and the fact that they get to help solve some crimes is an added bonus. Too bad we have no Behavioral Analysis Unit in the country... or is there one that I don't know of?

I really have a lot of favorites, but these are shows I can actually sit through an entire season of. How about you? What are your favorite TV shows?

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