December 11, 2011

Happy Endings: Not quite there yet.

I’m very protective of my favorite shows. To me they’re in a league of their own. It’s blasphemous to even compare them with another show of similar format that hasn’t reached their caliber yet. I guess this is the reason why it took me sometime to warm up to Happy Endings. The half-hour series, described as an ensemble comedy about a group of friends living in Chicago, is already touted by critics as one of those shows with the FRIENDS magic. 

I have never seen the first season. Just recently though, out of curiosity, I decided to download the first five episodes of its second season. My verdict? It’s a hit and miss for me so far. There are episodes that I love while there are some which lacked the oompph! needed. One good thing is that the actors have already settled into their characters and the chemistry is much more evident. I have no favorites yet. Penny comes close but she has this annoying quality of over-exaggerating on things. She’s very relatable though. I can totally see myself in her shoes.

I have to give credit to this show for making Elisha Cuthbert likeable again. (Kim Bauer, who?^___^) Who would’ve thought she’d do really well in comedy? Although they’re not quite there yet in terms of FRIENDS standards, I’m giving them a chance. After all, I ended up liking HIMYM after ignoring it for almost four seasons.

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