December 18, 2011

Party pooper.

Flu chose the worst possible time to manifest itself… on the day of our WFM Christmas Party! No matter how hard I tried to convince myself it was simply a mind over matter type of sickness, my body gave in eventually. I slept the entire three hours I was at the venue. What a waste, right? There goes my contribution for the year. :(

The venue was perfect, the food was great, everyone was in high spirits. I cannot believe I missed all of that. I apologized again and again for ruining the mood of the party. My brother was kind enough to take some shots using my camera. But he’s more of a candid moment type of photographer so I apologize again if there are some embarrassing shots uploaded on Facebook. Heehee!

Good thing my manito managed to lift my spirits up. He gave me the item I listed on my wish list! Yes folks, I now have a sandwich maker. Yayyy! Thank you so much, Jayvee.

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