December 9, 2011

To a decade of friendship.

The last week of November was one of the most memorable days for me this year. I love it when my friends are in town. We don’t live in the same city anymore so it’s a rare instance for all five of us to be together. What was agreed upon was that the next reunion after the semi-disastrous summer escapade was not supposed to happen until 2012, but Harry Potter and a wedding intervened with fate. I welcomed the distraction. I was in need of a break again from my usual work routine.

The weekend’s best surprise was probably us running into a former college classmate while we were having Sunday lunch at Zubuchon. Funny thing was, prior to that, we were in a discussion about when and how did all of us become friends a few years back. Little did we know that Ann would soon pass by our table unknowingly. I think she recognized my sister first, then saw me. It took her a while to realize she actually knew the other three (Gen, Reah and Isa) who were seated together with us. So surreal and hilarious. Don’t you just love chance encounters? :)

The lady in pink is Ann. Too bad Xtian couldn't join us for lunch that day.
I love how these ladies are the only ones who can make me wear a dress without feeling conscious about how I look. That’s how comfortable I am in their company. My mom would be so proud. Haha!

Our favorite photo! Would this pass for a Christmas electronic postcard? Hehe! ^__^
The Harry Potter marathon never happened. But we made a lot of new memories in those three days to mark a decade of our friendship. I am proud to call these ladies my best friends and I know we will remain this close even if one of us gets married (one already is!) and starts a family.

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