December 4, 2011

Wishes, wishes, wishes.

Don’t you just love the feeling when December kicks in? I felt like this year flew by so quickly I didn’t even realize we’re nearing the end of 2011 in a few weeks. How’s your Christmas shopping going? I haven’t even started mine. I was too wrapped up in the weekend getaway I had with friends last week that I’ve even pushed back the setting-up of the tree at home. We promise to get it done soon otherwise Mom would definitely throw a fit when she finds the house bare of any decorations. 

Speaking of gifts, I finally came up with my wish list this year. I decided to throw in something frivolous just for kicks. But as Krissy mentioned in her post, more often than not, I will end up buying some of things on the list for myself. 

A new pair (or two) of flats. I am in desperate need of a wardrobe overhaul. My style can actually be compared to that of a college kid who’s still stuck in that “jeans and sneakers” phase. Blame it on the casual dress code I have at work. I love it… but sometimes you have this urge to actually dress your age and it sucks when you don’t have everything within arm’s reach. 

A Modalu bag. I am no fan of Pippa Middleton, but I instantly fell in love with the bag she was photographed with the day after her sister’s wedding. How I wish I can carry that style!

Sandwich-maker. Any brand would do. This is actually what I’m asking from my Secret Santa at work. My sister and I love to fix midnight snacks for ourselves and this would save us the hassle of using the toaster. Grilled cheese sandwiches, here we come!

iPad 2. Okay, okay… I’m a sell-out. I swore before that I would never join the Apple bandwagon. Guess what? The iPad’s lure is just too hard to resist. Bear in mind that this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. My sister and I carefully researched the pros and cons of the gadget compared to its competition. So yeah, we have our reasons. :)

FRIENDS DVD Boxed Set. It’s been almost seven years since the finale of the show and I still have to complete all seasons on DVD. With its timeless appeal, the show never gets old with viewers. We will always laugh and cry at the misadventures of these six individuals from Manhattan. Good thing a friend gave me the Harry Potter DVDs so I can strike that from my wish list this year.

And for my frivolous wishes this year…

Xabi Alonso jersey. Yup, this was on my list last year as well. So far no friends of mine have been planning to go to Spain yet. If they do, this will be all that I’ll ask from them as pasalubong. Heehee!

A new puppy! Gwen could definitely use a playmate, or a surrogate child around here. I’ve always wanted to own a beagle but dogs with breed cost a fortune. I’ll probably save up for it sometime in the future unless a kind individual would actually give me one out of the blue.

How about you? Anything special that you plan to purchase for yourself this Christmas? :)

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