August 12, 2010

Because I miss Xabier…

I have to thank the 2010 World Cup for introducing me to the “classy” one that is Xabi Alonso. Before it, the only person that kept me interested in association football was Kaka which meant that by default I had to support team Brazil. Here lies the problem. I barely knew half of the team.

Things started to change when I watched La Furia Roja play their first game against Switzerland. I loved the way the commentator said Xabi Alonso’s name and I decided to google the guy afterwards. Who cares if he’s married? ;) I had found the team to root for in this tournament. The good thing was, I fell in love not just with the guy but with the whole team. Within days I familiarized myself with the other Spain NT players. I rooted for all of their WC games. (I still maintain they were underdogs against Germany) To top it off, I even screamed and jumped like a freakin’ lunatic at the office pantry after they were crowned World Cup champions.

So who said I’d forget about Xabi afterwards? Thanks to Tumblr and the internet, I still have a way to monitor the activities of this GQMF with Real Madrid and the Spain NT. I’m still bummed that the Real Madrid vs. LA Galaxy friendly wasn’t shown on cable, much more the one with Spain vs. Mexico. But hey, TVE is my friend. At least they have news about the games.

Speaking of the ever elegant Xabier, I nearly LOL-ed after seeing this on his Wikipedia page.


But the best picture of the week had to be this…


He got to be Captain even just for the second half!

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